Five Common Myths About Pet Parrots

5 Common Myths about Parrots

African Grey Parrot

Parrots are phenomenal pets and many people dream of owning one. Some people may be captivated by the stunning colors of certain breeds. Or they may be attracted to the parrot’s talking ability. However, unless you are familiar with birds, you may have some misconceptions about parrots and what it’s like to raise one! Here are just a few common myths.

1.    Parrots are Low-Maintenance Pets
Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, parrots often require more time and attention than a cat or dog. They are also more fragile, requiring you to be extremely conscientious in terms of how you care for your feathered friends. Parrots require plenty of social interaction, home-cooked diets that include freshly prepared fruits and veggies, and proper training. A number of bird equipment is also needed, including a spacious bird cage, bird toys, parrot stands and parrot gyms. Unlike most adult dogs who outgrow their fascination with toys, parrots require an abundant supply of stimulating bird toys their whole life.

Since parrots are more delicate than other types of pets, it is essential that you keep your home free from hazards. Something as simple as too much perfume, a scented candle in a room, or the use of non-stick cookware could be fatal to your bird. To be a successful parrot owner, you must be willing to invest time and money into your bird, and to educate yourself on how to properly meet your parrot’s needs.

2.    All Parrots Talk
While it is true that most parrots have the capability to talk, not all of them do. If you want your pet bird to learn to speak, you must spend countless hours working with him and teaching him. Some parrots may only learn a few words, while others may amass an entire vocabulary. If having a talking bird is important to you, read a number of books on the subject or talk to a professional trainer. You will need to work consistently with your feathered friend to help him master new words. The best place to practice is when your parrot is on his bird stand or parrot stands and you have his full attention. Even if your parrot never learns to speak—be sure to love him just the way he is!

Our Double Yellow Headed Amazon Kiwi is not much of a talker but he has such an exuberance for life… is unbelievable.  He amazes me everyday.

3.    You Must Raise & Hand-feed a Baby Parrot in Order to Bond
Raising a baby parrot is a lot of work and requires education and experience to be done successfully. While hand-raising a baby does help with bonding, it is not essential in order for you to have a healthy relationship with your bird. Many people have adopted adult birds and have bonded beautifully. If you want to bond with your parrot, the most important thing is to select a bird that has been hand-raised by someone and properly socialized. These birds are emotionally healthy and will not have much trouble forming an attachment with anyone. The more you interact with your parrot—whether that be teaching him how to play with a new bird toy or spending time with him on his parrot gym—the quicker you will bond.

4.    Parrots Eat Mostly Seeds
Seeds are a delicious treat for parrots. However, they should not comprise your feathered friends entire diet. Because seeds are so high in fat, too many can cause your bird to reach an unhealthy weight. As a general rule, seeds should make up no more than 10% of your pet’s diet. Fresh fruit, veggies and pellets should also be fed regularly.

5.    Parrots are Dirty
Many people believe birds are dirty creatures. However, parrots are meticulous about their appearance and spend many hours preening their feathers. A healthy, happy bird that is well-cared for always looks clean. However, it is up to you to keep your feathered friend’s cage, bird toys, bird stands and parrot gyms clean and free of poop and food debris.  Be sure to clean up after your bird daily and sanitize his living quarters regularly.

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