Foot Toys for your Birds

Foot Toys not just a Toy

Foot Toys – Hours of Fun

Foot Toys can be a very important playtime component for your pet parrot.

“Kiwi”, our Double Yellow Headed Amazon, pictured to the left just enjoys munching on a Foot Toy for enjoyment outside his cage right before he goes to sleep at night.

Foot Toys for Parrots can come in all shapes and sizes.   Bird Foot Toys can be made out of wood, plastic, vines, cardboard (Birdie Bagels) or any other bird safe material.

We have customers that have told us that their birds never played with Hanging Bird Toys inside their cage but just love to sit and play with Foot Toys.  It just goes to show you that every bird has their own unique and varied sense of what they like to play with when it comes to their bird toys.

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