Foraging Bird Toys for your Pet Parrot

Creative Foraging Kits by Caitec

Creative Foraging Kits by Caitec

The act of Foraging for a parrot in the wild makes up more than 50% of their day.  So foraging for your pet parrot is an instinctual behavior that should be encouraged.

Our Amazon Kiwi just loves to forage.  So getting Kiwi to forage was pretty easy for us.  Believe it or not, Kiwi’s favorite treat is a pellet.  A healthy treat…….that’s odd but not for our Kiwi. (LOL)

A great beginners foraging toy is the Barrel of Fun Foraging bird toy by Nature’s Instinct.  This toy is good size for birds from Cockatiel  to Amazon size birds.  Some birds do not know how to forage… you may have to spend some time showing them the ropes.  After a few tries of showing them where their treat is….sit back and watch to see if your feathered friend can figure out where their treat is.  Don’t get discouraged…..sometimes it takes a few days or even months for birds to figure out the process.

What makes foraging toys so great is that they may force your bird to really use his ingenuity to find the treasure or treat.  In parrot species like African Grey parrots, foraging can play a vital role in keeping their minds busy.  African Grey parrots are known for feather plucking and nervous behaviors associated with boredom so keeping them mentally challenged is a must.

If your bird has foraged before and is looking for a greater challenge the Creative Forage Kits by Caitec and the Nature’s Instinct Turn and Learn Foraging bird toy are great foraging bird toys to keep your feathered challenged mentally throughout the day.   Click to watch video “Kiwi” our Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot as he forages for his pellet in his Creative Foraging Kit.

Foraging for your bird whether as a beginner or a fully fledged expert, plays an important role in your feathered friends health and vitality.  Add Foraging bird toys to your bird(s) array of bird toys and watch nature’s instincts come alive.

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