FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym with Frankie the Parakeet

Frankie the Parakeet

Frankie the Parakeet

We just love to hear from our customers and their feathered friends.  Diana S. sent in this beautiful photo of “Frankie” her baby Parakeet enjoying his new FunTime Birdy Freshman Playgym.

Here is what Frankie and Frankie’s Mom had to say:

Hi Ann!

I wanted to send you this picture of Frankie on his playgym. He was a little scared of it at first, but once I hung some millet on it he started jumping right on. Any place millet is is a good place for birdies to be. Here is what Frankie had to say about his new gym:

Hi Ann…it’s Frankie.

Mom finally got me to play on my new playgym, and now I love it. Everything here used to be new and scary, but now I’m much braver and like exploring things outside my cage. This playgym is AWESOME!!!

It took me a while to realize the hangy-down things were toys, but I shook one and it had a bell on it! I love bells!!! I love to chew on the wood blocks and the plastic toys. I can jump from perch to perch (so many perches to choose). When I shake the toys or climb on them the bells make the most beautiful sound.

Thank you for making such fun toys for us budgies

Diana and Frankie (Parakeet) – California

Thanks Diana and Frankie……Frankie you are such a cutie!!!!! I am so happy you are enjoying your playgym

FunTime Birdy

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