Grooming your Parrot

Parrot Grooming Tips

Parrot Grooming

Unlike certain dog breeds, parrots have few grooming needs.

Here are a parrot’s four basic grooming needs:

1.    Bathing. Parrots love to be clean. You can give your parrot a weekly bath in the sink or you can provide your feathered friend with a shallow water dish, allowing him to bath himself.  I usually give my feathered kids a bath a couple of times a week.  One day during the week is usually a large soaking for them so they can get nice and wet.  I use a spray bottle filled with luke warm water and mist them under their wings and and on their backs.

2.    Wing-clipping. If you want to prevent your bird from flying, you will need to trim his primary wing feathers. Keep in mind that if you trim your pet’s wings, he may have difficulty fluttering on and off his parrot playgyms or bird stand, depending on the height. Wing feathers can be trimmed using a pair of scissors.  If you are uncertain how to do this, I recommend taking your bird to your local bird store or local veterinarian.

3.    Nail Trimming. If your pet punctures your skin as he steps onto your hand, it’s probably time for a nail trim. You can do this yourself using special nail trimmers or in some cases with larger birds you can use a nail file.  Remember not to use to heavy of a nail file.  Again, if you are unaware of how to do this, take your feathered friend to the local bird store or local veterinarian.

4.    Beak Trimming. Unless you are an extremely experienced bird handler, you should leave this task up to your veterinarian. One way to keep your parrot’s beak in good condition is to provide him with plenty of bird toys to chew on. Wooden bird toys are especially beneficial as they will help keep your pet’s beak trim and shapely.

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