How To Find a Lost Parrot

Parrots can accidentally escape within seconds, even in the most conscientious home. Your feathered friend may be playing contentedly on their parrot playgym when he/she is startled by a sound and disappears out the doggie door. You may accidentally leave the front door  ajar when you step outside to get the mail or pick up a package…….even though you thought your parrot was playing with his bird toys several feet away, he suddenly escapes outside.

Losing your pet parrot can be devastating and extremely upsetting. It is every bird owner’s worst nightmare. If this does happen to you, spring into action immediately. Don’t waste time feeling guilty or imagining the worst. Put a plan together and start your search. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Search your neighborhood. Most parrots will stay within a one mile radius from where they escaped for at least several weeks. Gather an army of caring friends and family to help you comb the area surrounding your house and yard.
  2. Conduct your search efforts before sunrise and at dusk. These are the hours when parrots are naturally more active. Take along some of your parrot’s favorite bird toys or treats to lure him out of hiding if you find him.
  3. Create a poster. The poster should contain a large, colorful picture of your parrot with a full description. Be sure to include your phone number or a way for people to get in touch with you if they find your bird. If you are offering a reward, place this in big bold letters on the poster. Additionally, it is best to state the specific reward you are offering. For example if you are willing to pay $100 or $500 for the safe return of your bird, be sure to say so. Being specific may motivate people to help.
  4. Call your local veterinarians. You should call every vet within a 25-50 mile radius of where you live. Ask if they have seen your parrot or received any phone calls about a lost bird. Oftentimes, if people find your bird, they will call a veterinarian to ask for advice on how to find the owners or care for the parrot.
  5. Call local animal shelters and humane societies. Ask them if they have received any parrots recently. Provide them with a full description and photo of your bird. It is best to call these places daily, as they receive new animals all the time. You may also want to stop by regularly to see if your bird has turned up.
  6. If you live in a private home you can leave your feathered friend’s bird cage outside and some familiar bird toys as well which may help entice them to fly down to their home.
  7. Never give up!! Most important of all, never give up in your search. With diligence and persistence, many parrots have been safely returned to their owners. Keep in mind that your parrot may come back to you as well. So keep an eye out—they may surprise you!!

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  1. yesletsperformanceacademy on August 31, 2012 at 4:54 am

    This is great. People often think that once a pet bird is lost, it is lost for good. This is not the case. Birds are not planes and fly great distances in short time spans. Furthermore, if the bird is frightened and lost it may continue to do loops around the same area without realizing it.

    If someone loses their pet bird and really tries to find it. And I mean really try. Not just do a door knock for a day or two around the area then give up. I mean all the suggestions on this page. Another great suggestion would be to advertise your missing bird at local schools. Better yet get a teacher to announce that your missing bird during an assembly. Children often take lost animals home.

    One of my friends lost a cockatiel. Using our intuition and continued persistent for over a week, she got three calls from three different places about the cockatiel. One boy had spotted the cockatiel on their tree, but didn’t catch it. The second had a cockatiel, which didn’t end up being my friends. The third call had a cockatiel and it was her pet cockatiel!

    If you ever lose your bird and want a real chance at finding him or her again, don’t give up after a day or two. Keep persisting and continue to find him or her the spare moments you have. Don’t give up until you really feel you have done everything, because the regret after not trying your hardest is painful and you will heighten the chance of being with your bird friend again!

    • funtimebirdy on August 31, 2012 at 3:41 pm


      Very well put. Thank you for commenting.

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