JuJubee Juliet Loves her new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym

Meet the very beautiful Jenday Conure….JuJubee Juliet as she enjoys her new FunTime Birdy Sophomore Playgym. She even likes to take a bath in her water dish.

Check out what JuJubee and her Mom had to say:

Hi Ann,

I finally was able to snap a few shots of Jujubee on her play gym. I noticed that when you post these pictures you make
a little mini blog.

JuJubee would like this as her statement:

How do you do non avian comrades? Je m’appelle JuJubee Juliet Nicole McGee Zuniga. I live in Denver, CO with my mum, Dad, Grandmama, and feline brother Travie.

I like to cuddle with my daddy and scream in his ear. I also enjoy giving kisses, eating fruits, carbohydrates, craisins, squawking, and spending time with my family.

I am a lady of few words (step up and a chuckle) but I will say that I love FunTime Birdy. I was a bit scared of this play gym at first and would flap my wings but my mummy pacified my anxiety over this new uncharted territory withsunflower seeds. (Which are essentially like potato chips and junk food for us birds.)

I have a habit of dropping bowel movements where ever I please and this play gym is very easy to clean. I even like to bathe in my water cup and splash my brother Travis the Great- the greatest cat to ever live.

I am an extraordinary Jenday Conure and will be celebrating my upcoming 7th Birthday with plenty of chilled water, Rasberries, and a tiny sliver of french bread which is my guilty pleasure.

I highly recommend Fun Time Birdy products to all my avian friends. I currently have my eye on a JavaBird Tree.” –


Stephanie and JuJubee Juliet (Jenday Conure) – Colorado


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