Keeping Your Bird Safe and Happy During the Holidays

Keeping your Bird Safe

Holidays are a fun, exciting time of year. They are packed with activities, parties, family gatherings, gifts and delicious food. However, parrot owners should not underestimate the effect of these holiday changes on their feathered friends.  They should also be aware of certain hazards that could potentially harm their bird. Here are a few ways you can keep your parrots safe and happy as we celebrate the upcoming holidays:

  • Monitor your pet’s stress level. Birds are creatures of habit. They enjoy a regular routine and predictable schedule. Any changes in routine can cause your bird to feel anxious and stressed. For example, your feathered friend may start to feel upset if he is waiting for his dinner which is already an hour late. He may ignore his bird toys if he feels scared by the presence of strangers in the house. Watch your bird closely to determine whether or not he is feeling stressed. If you think the excitement is too much for your bird, place his parrot stands in a quiet room where he can enjoy some peace.
  • Keep ornaments and decoration out of your parrots reach. If your house is filled with shiny trinkets, a beautifully Christmas tree and other decorations, you should not allow your bird to wander around unattended. Tinsel, artificial snow and certain holiday plants, such as poinsettias and holly, could harm your bird if ingested. Your bird’s curious beak could also ruin your decorating job. In order to keep your bird’s mind off your decorations, provide him with an ample supply of bird toys. Just for fun, try to find toys that are engaging, shiny or have some sort of holiday flair.
  • Keep the air fresh. Birds have sensitive respiratory tracts. Strong smells such as candles, aerosol sprays or air fresheners can irritate their lungs. In most cases, these fumes can be toxic. If you want your home to smell festive, consider some natural alternatives. For example, heat a saucepan of water mixed with cinnamon and cloves. Let it simmer on your stove. This will fill your home with a delicious holiday smell, while keeping your pet birds safe.
  • Don’t forget to include your pet in the festivities. While you don’t want your parrot begging for table scraps from his bird stand , you can still make him feel special this holiday season. Consider buying your pet some new bird toys or perhaps even a new bird perch.

Have a Happy and safe Holiday Season!!!

Ann Zych
FunTime Birdy

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