Keeping your Parrot Entertained

Keeping your Bird Entertained

Keeping your Parrot Entertained

In order to keep your feathered friend healthy and happy, you will need to provide him with plenty of attention and mental stimulation.

It is important not to keep your bird locked in a cage all day long.  Birds need time outside the cage to interact with humans and to stretch their wings.  They need to have a place to play outside of the cage like a playgym or playstand.  Imagine being locked in your room all day with only one book to read and nothing else.  You would not be happy and you can’t expect your bird to be content like that.   Allowing your bird to become bored can be dangerous.  A depressed bird may develop serious behavioral issues such as feather plucking, screaming and aggression.

As a parrot owner there are several things you can do to keep your birdy friend happy, healthy and enjoying life:

1.    Provide plenty of bird toys. When you go shopping for bird supplies, be sure to invest in a number of parrot toys and pet bird toys. Look for bird toys that come in different colors, shapes and sizes.  Also, it is a good idea to rotate your bird’s toys every few weeks. This will keep his toys fresh and interesting. If you have a budget for bird supplies, toys should account for a sizeable portion of it.  Check out one of my recent Blog Posts on a Bird Toy Rotation Box.

2.    Provide plenty of free time. As mentioned earlier, your parrot will not enjoy spending his entire life in a birdcage—no matter how large it is.   As a result, try letting your parrot out of his cage for at least 2 hours a day. Instead of allowing your bird to have free roam of the house, invest in a bird stand or Parrot Play Gym. The bird stand will serve as your bird’s “space” while he is out of his cage.  Your feathered child can sit on their Parrot Play Gym, busily engaged with their bird toys, while you do housework or watch TV.

3.    Celebrate special occasions with your bird. Whenever Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday rolls around, include your bird in the festivities.  Allow him to indulge in a few tasty treats.  Buy a new bird perch or some engaging parrot toys as a gift. These occasional celebrations will help keep your feathered friend in high spirits.  My birds seem to love the holidays and they especially love when we celebrate each of their birthdays.  I take lots of pictures of the birthday bird and then we open their birthday gifts and follow it up with some tasty bird treats.

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