Loki & Sidney on their New FunTime Birdy Extra Large Playgym for Macaws & Cockatoos

Thanks to Holly for sending us your review of our Extra Large Playgym for Macaws and Cockatoos.

Here is what Holly had to say:

Hi Ann,

This is an extremely well made and well thought out, functional playgym. I bought it for my greenwing macaw and a triton ‘too as a more portable option to our heavy manzanita gym.

The toy holder is the perfect height and is easily refillable. Bowls, toys, etc can be reconfigured however you like and the textured surface on the pvc is perfect.

The Fun Time Birdy owners (Ann and Mark) even personalized it for me with extra perches since sometimes both big birds are on there together as you can see in the picture I have attached.

HIGHLY recommend!

Thanks again – Holly, Loki and Sidney (Triton Cockatoo and Greenwing Macaw) – Louisiana

Loki and Sidney on their new Senior Playgym X550

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