Lovebirds as Pets

Lovebird as Pets


If you are trying to decide what type of parrot to purchase, lovebirds are a wonderful option. These birds are social, charming and if raised properly, make ideal family pets. Here’s a little bit of information on these endearing parrots:

Size: Lovebirds are relatively small, reaching no more than 5-7 inches in length. Their size makes them extremely easy to keep as pets. However, many people assume that because lovebirds are small, they only need a small birdcage. In reality, lovebirds are extremely active creatures who need ample room to fly, climb and explore.  Always purchase the largest bird cage you can afford.  With that large bird cage, make sure they have plenty of bird toys to keep them occupied.  Lovebirds love to play and hang from their bird toys… the more bird toys the better.

Temperament: Lovebirds have the ability to form strong emotional attachments with their owners and avian companions. Some lovebirds even enjoy snuggling on their owner’s lap. They are curious, playful and extremely social. However, if not raised properly, lovebirds can be territorial and aggressive. When preparing for a pet lovebird, plan on spending several hours a day with your new feathered friend.   If you cannot spend adequate time with your lovebird, it is essential that you keep at least a pair. This will allow your lovebirds to have some company and keep each other socially entertained.

Variety: There are nine lovebird species that come in a number of different colors. The peach-faced lovebirds tend to be the most docile, while red-faced lovebirds are prone to being more aggressive and hyper.

Diet: Your lovebird’s diet should be packed with plenty of variety. It should include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain cereals, pellets and seeds.

Lifespan: Most lovebirds live between 15-20 years. Because these birds are so affectionate and form such strong attachments, it is crucial that they stay with the same owner their entire life. Separating a lovebird from someone he loves can literally cause him to die from a broken heart. So if you plan on becoming a lovebird owner, be sure you are prepared to keep your feathered friend for the rest of his or her life.

If you are willing to put in the necessary time and commitment, owning lovebirds can be fun and rewarding. With proper training and care your feathered friends will lavish you with their undying love and affection!

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