Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets as Pets

My first ever pet as a little girl was a Parakeet named Blue Boy.  I have had Parakeets my entire life.  My little “Olive” pictured on the left, inspired me to start my own business.  She passed away in 2004 but her memory lives forever in my heart.

If you’re considering purchasing a pet parakeet, you can’t go wrong. These adorable creatures make delightful companions and are relatively inexpensive to care for. Parakeets are 7 inches long and weigh between 3-5 ounces. Most parakeets live 5-10 years. But with proper care and attention, they can live up to 14.

Here are just a few of the reasons why parakeets are ideal pets:

  • They are excellent talkers and singers. As they play with their bird toys , parakeets will sing, whistle or chatter. This can be quite amusing. If you play music around your little guy you may find that he has learned to sing along with a particular CD.
  • They are fantastic entertainers. Parakeets love to play. If you provide your feathered friend with various types of bird toys,  he’ll keep you entertained for hours and because parakeets are so vivacious, they will put their parakeet toys to good use. So be sure to purchase bird toys that are well-made and won’t fall apart on the first day.
  • They are great with kids. Unlike macaws or African Greys, which tend to be a bit temperamental, parakeets are calm and predictable. They love attention and get along well with just about everyone.

Having a pet parakeet can be an extremely rewarding experience. By feeding your parakeet a pelleted diet and providing him with plenty of bird toys and mental stimulation, you can keep him happy and healthy his whole life.


  1. Andie on May 24, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    I just got a baby budgie about a week ago and he’s the nicest pet ever. He doesn’t have a problem sitting on my finger, unless he’s upset with me about something, then he avoids me. But I’ll learn.

    • funtimebirdy on May 24, 2011 at 10:34 pm

      I just love Parakeets. That is so great. A lot of times if you don’t get a Parakeet at a young age it can take time to get them comfortable with the human hand. I am happy that your new baby is already perching on your hand. Hugs and kisses to your baby Parakeet from me!!!


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