Birdy Cubed African Grey/Amazon Bird Toy

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Algebra 101 for Birds Bird Toy

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Four sides of chewing fun for your bird.

Our African Grey “Jerry” immediately loved this bird toy. I found him nibbling on the wood chews right away. In fact, it was so cute to find the rectangular wood chews made into circular wheels by him.(LOL)

This is the perfect size bird toy for the shyer player. This toy measures 9″ Long by 5″ Wide so it is just the right size for your feathered friend to grow accustom to.

The Birdy Cubed contains wood chews, FunLand Characters and Dinos all fastened to a 5″ Wooden base with our bird safe Poly Rope. Bird Toy also contains Tropical tubes.

Ideal bird toy for Amazon Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Pionus Parrots, Rose Breasted Cockatoos, Goffin Cockatoos, Severe Macaws and…all similar sized birds

11 reviews for Birdy Cubed African Grey/Amazon Bird Toy

  1. Mark K. (verified owner)

    My African Grey likes approaching it from all angles and batting it around.

  2. Kristen K. (verified owner)

    My African Grey, Casanova Valentino, was lucky enough to win a contest and he had a choice of bird toys to choose from. Nova chose this Birdy Cubed Toy and could not have made a better choice. He has absolutely loved this toy. Being an African Grey, every new thing is rather daunting, but this toy he took to immediately. We decided to hang it on the side of his cage and it is a favorite standing place. He loves the plastic parts of the toy. Plastic is a big time favorite. He is not a wood chewer by any definition, but he really took to the wooden parts of this toy as well. There are many “nibbles” on various parts of the wood. Honestly the first wood pieces that he has chewed on since becoming a member of our family. Overall a fantastic toy for my absolutely spoiled African Grey.

  3. Dali (verified owner)

    Fun toy to hang and climb on!

  4. Helana C. (verified owner)

    At first, BooBoo looked at this large toy with suspicion – after all, it was four times larger than any other hanging toy she’d seen. Within a couple of days, however, she was having fun with it – fighting with it, chewing on it. Bantu, on the other hand, would interact with it only when it was in her paper bag! It kept my birds occupied for days.

  5. Meg L. (verified owner)

    Although my CAG, Katie, spends most of her time on a play stand, I put this toy in her cage for her alone time. She’s nibbling on each part and likes to swing it back and forth.

  6. JoAnn W. (verified owner)

    This one didn’t last long he loved it…..he devoured this toy as soon as he got it.

  7. ken g. (verified owner)

    Birds are very pleased with toy.

  8. Mom N. (verified owner)

    My Grey loves this toy, he really enjoys pulling it apart.

  9. Gail P. (verified owner)

    My DYH Amazon, Haley, loves this — it is made up of the same foot toys I’ve been giving her (from FunTime Birdy) so there was no initial fear or caution involved. I hung it in her cage, she recognized the parts and just dug right into it. She has a lot of the wooden pieces chewed apart already and is enjoying the plastic toys a lot.

  10. Vicki L. (verified owner)

    We have a rescue Orange-wing Amazon that despite his rough past, does not believe that beggars have to be choosers when it comes to toys. He turns down even the most expensive toys, but this one passed the test. We will be ordering more!
    Thank you!

  11. Norman (verified owner)

    I loved this bird toy. Took me awhile to finish it off, but I worked at it pretty hard until I got down to the strings! Then Jan restrung it again with leftovers from the toy box and I had another new toy! Love it…. and great price too!

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