Dino Sandwich Bird Foot Toy

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One Sandwich that is Sure to be Enjoyed!

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This tasty sandwich bird foot toy is made up of 2 colored wood chews and a Jurassic Dino.

Your feathered friend is sure to have a treat as he chews away at the colorful wood chews and plastic Jurassic character sandwiched in between.

Bird foot toy measures 4.5″ Long by 2.5″ wide

Ideal for Amazon and African Grey sized birds up to Cockatoo and Macaw sized birds.

6 reviews for Dino Sandwich Bird Foot Toy

  1. Gail P. (verified owner)

    This sandwich style foot toy is great! It’s big enough for my DHY Amazon Haley to really chew away on. Foot toys of all types are a great way to keep Haley occupied, and they are so portable. She sometimes likes to play “I drop and you fetch” with me where she picks them up from the top of her cage and tosses them to the floor. I then pick them up and put them at an opposite corner of the top of the cage — that makes her run over to get it and toss it again. I get her to run around on top of the cage and get some exercise with that game!

  2. mom n. (verified owner)

    My African Grey loves these foot toys. They are a great addition to his toy box.

  3. Bird N. (verified owner)

    My bird loves this toy, he goes to town when he see it.

  4. Helana (verified owner)

    These were new to my Greys, and they loved them! BooBoo took to this after she learned to chew wood and loved that she could hold this (as well as throw it off the playtop!).

  5. new m. (verified owner)

    Our bird absolutely loves this foot toy. He destroyed it the minute I gave it to him and it kept him busy.

  6. sharon h. (verified owner)

    My Timneh African Grey (Kiki) absolutely loves this foot toy. I just ran out of them and tried to give him a colored tongue depressor for a foot toy yesterday. He threw it at me!!! not once but twice Need to order more of these SOON!!!

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