FeatherBrite Capitol Swag Light

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It’s a Sun Shiny Day!


The Capitol Swag Full Spectrum light is a great way to provide your birds with healthy, full-spectrum light.

The Swag light has a durable non-toxic powder coat finish.

The chain is 12 ft. in length with on/off switch on cord. Shade is 8″ high and 8″ wide. A hanging kit is provided.

Hanging distance from the cage should be no further than 30″ from the cage.

Included is the FeatherBrite LED 6 watt, 5500k daytime full spectrum bulb plus the FeatherBrite LED UV bulb. Both bulbs together are necessary to give your pet the sunshine without anything harmful to your pet. 8% uva and .04% low dose uvb.

Fits Playtop and Dometop cages

Light is drop shipped from Featherbrite

2 reviews for FeatherBrite Capitol Swag Light

  1. Karen B. (verified owner)

    Buddy is a Quaker parrot and the first bird my husband and I have had as a pet. I found FunTime Birdy when I was searching the internet for toys and any other items of interest for Buddy. I have used the site numerous times to purchase items and for information regarding the care of our well loved Buddy!
    I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased and Buddy certainly has reaped many joyous moments from all items! We’ve purchased toys, a play gym with the rolling stand and most recently the featherbrite light. Our vet thought it might be useful in helping to eliminate some recent obsessive behaviors. Before purchasing, I contacted Ann and Mark. They are a wealth of information and helped me to make the right choice. I am so thankful for their knowledge and insights of the products they sell and the birds that they are for.
    We have just received our light, hung it above Buddy’s cage and watched him bask in his new found sunlight. As with anything new, he is still investigating this item that has been added to his home. Today is the second day with his light and he could be heard talking and singing up a storm. I’m certain things can only improve as he receives some sunlight during our New York State winter. Thanks to Ann and Mark. We’d be lost without them.
    Karen and Buddy ❤️

  2. euletta s. (verified owner)

    does a great job! my birds luv it when the light goes on. they start chirping like mad, and then toward the end they are sitting and dozing in their mid-day nap.

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