FeatherBrite Full Day All Night Capitol Universal Light

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The Sun and the Stars


Full Day and All Night Universal Full Spectrum light incorporates full spectrum lighting along with soothing moonlight that calms those birds who experience “night fright”. It’s two lights in one!

Included is the FeatherBrite LED 6 watt, 5500k daytime full spectrum bulb plus the FeatherBrite LED UV bulb. Both bulbs together are necessary to give your pet the sunshine without anything harmful to your pet. 8% uva and .04% low dose uvb.

A switch on the top of the shade operates the the daylight bulb. A button switch on the shade operates the moonlight bulb. There are two electrical cords. Both can be operated with a timer.

Lightweight and simple assembly. Attach the new stainless cage adapter to light and push between bars.

Full Day and All Night Universal Full Spectrum light measures 8 x 11 inches with an 8 foot electrical cord and weighs approximately 3 pounds.

The safety wire extender helps keep the electrical cord away from the back of the cage.

Five bird safe, non-toxic powder coat colors to choose from!

To prevent damage to the light bulb or electrical cord, remove and unplug the light from the top of the cage before your bird comes out to play.

Best fits Dometop cages. (Can be used with playtop cage if playtop tray is removed.)

Please note if you have a fitted bird cage cover the swag light is your best bet.

Light is drop shipped from Featherbrite

2 reviews for FeatherBrite Full Day All Night Capitol Universal Light

  1. Mel (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed working with this seller! They are incredibly personable, friendly, and well connected with their customers. We were very happy with our light when we received it; however, one of the enclosed wingnuts was damaged. I contacted the seller and they immediately responded to rectify the situation! Great customer service- that’s for sure! We are waiting for our replacement but have added the light to our African Grey’s cage in the interim. She seems to not be impacted by the change and appears to really like the new light. I am noticing that she is picking less frequently… I can’t say the new light caused it but I’m sure it’s helping as the reduction in picking is correlated to the new light! Overall, very happy with the product so far!

  2. Diana S. (verified owner)

    I did not realize how under-lit my budgies cage was until I put up a birdie-cam and noticed the back corners were almost impossible to see into. The difference with the Featherbrite lamp is amazing! The colors in their toys REALLY pop now, and everything in the cage is so much easier to see. I love love love the moonlight night light. It’s such a calming and soothing light, and I notice that there is much less squabbling and late-night restlessness. I did put the lamp on a timer to limit their exposure. Now when I check in on the birdie-cam, I see them playing in spots of their cage that were previously ignored. An excellent investment!!

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