Tiki Takeout Foraging Bird Toy

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This Takeout Hut Serves Treats!

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Place your bird’s favorite treat behind the dowels of the Tiki Takeout foraging bird toy and watch as your bird learns to chew through the dowels to access its food!

Includes 45 Dowels which come in small and large and are easily replaceable. For experienced chewers add two rows of dowels for greater difficulty.

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Ideal for Cockatiel size birds all the way up to Macaws sized birds.

9 reviews for Tiki Takeout Foraging Bird Toy

  1. vicki (verified owner)

    We have had a couple of Tiki Takeout foraging toys for about fifteen years. Our Large Macaw gets one to play with every other day. When he is not playing with his Tiki Takeout, he enjoys the Turn ‘n’ Learn Logs. We have wanted to add more of these foraging toys to our bird supplies for when one is being cleaned or to have enough filled for a baby sitter. We have looked for many years without being able to find any and thought they had been discontinued, until now.
    These are very durable toys that are well worth the price. I just received my order of five (5) new ones. We have been having to buy our own dowels and cut them on our bandsaw. The new Tiki Takeout toys came with lots of refills too. This will give us more time to spend with our parrot pal.
    If you want a toy that is going to last, I recommend the Tiki Takeout foraging toy.

  2. Dawn (verified owner)

    I bought this for my macaw & he really likes it, did not take him long to figure it out.

  3. Lori B. (verified owner)

    My amazon loves this!!! I also hide Pine Nuts with the shell in here for him.

    Thank you!!

  4. James (verified owner)

    This item is an excellent source of activity for my pionus parrot. It shipped very quickly. Great value for the money.

    Fun Time Birdy staff worked with me to find other toys for my pionus – if you are not certain what to purchase, contact them – they are very caring and helpful.

  5. Cindy C. (verified owner)

    Bird loves to forage with this little hut

  6. Helaine (verified owner)

    My grey loved her first foraging toy [Creative Foraging Starter Kit (Small)] so I decided to add another one. I was afraid the Tiki Hut might be too big for my shy grey. I am happy to tell you she loves it.

    At first I just put treats to get her used to finding goodies in there. Next I used the little dowels for a few days. I thought I would never use the big dowels and I was so wrong. She loves them and it keeps her busy for a longer time.

    One con is that she shakes the toy so much that the screw turned and the purple hinge on the bottom kept falling out along with the dowels. I fixed that by using painters tape on the hinge. Easy to remove and replace with each refill.

    I recommend this toy to encourage foraging and to keep your bird active.

  7. Jane (verified owner)

    Our African Grey seemed to like this only if the wooden dowels are directly at her head level – if she has to reach down to chew the dowels – she won’t. Inside she would just shake the whole hut to free the nut we had inside.

    Otherwise, we mix both the large & small dowels for her to goof with. She’d rather you just hand her the dowels & the nut & be done with it..but she’s not getting off the hook that easily!

  8. Gary (verified owner)

    African Grey Scarlet’s tiki take out…. Well we first started out using crackers as treats with only the small rods and she found out that she could grab them through the bars so we switched to only the bigs rods and she found that she could violently shake the whole toy and the crackers would drop out. So we then switched to both sets of rods and she lost interest for a weeks. But don’t worry, she has now fully grasped the idea and has figured out how to crew through both sets to get her reward. A weird thing we have noticed is that she crews through the same two rods each time to get to the crackers. All in all, we are VERY pleased with the TIKI TAKEOUT!!!!

  9. Karen J. (verified owner)

    My Goffin Peka just loves this toy. It never fails to keep her busy for a long time before she can chew through all the dowels.

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