Featherbrite Full Day/All Night Capitol Swag Light

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The Sun and the Moon


Full Day and All Night swag light incorporates full spectrum lighting along with soothing moonlight that calms those birds who experience “night fright”. It’s two lights in one!

Included is the FeatherBrite LED 6 watt, 5500k daytime full spectrum bulb plus the FeatherBrite LED UV bulb. Both bulbs together are necessary to give your pet the sunshine without anything harmful to your pet. 8% uva and .04% low dose uvb.

A timer can be used with the full spectrum bulb so that your pet bird gets the recommended amount of full spectrum lighting. On/off switches on both cords, 12 ft. chain, hanging kit is also included. Light measures 8″ high and 8″ wide.

Fits Playtop and Dometop cages

Light is drop shipped from Featherbrite

2 reviews for Featherbrite Full Day/All Night Capitol Swag Light

  1. Lindy T. (verified owner)

    I bought 3 of these lights for 3 cages. The conures, lovebirds and parakeets love the light and sit under it constantly. The conures especially loved it after their shower. The parakeets have night fright so the night light works wonders for them. Not a peep since I got it. Ann was so helpful when I was buying these lights and followed up with me to see how my little guys were doing with the lights. What a great company and a great product.

  2. Pattie (verified owner)

    My birds love their light, I would’nt go without it. Ann is very helpfull and I got my light right away. They love sitting under it and I know their getting benifits from it. Thank Ann

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