Jurassic Characters Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)

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Your bird will be brought back in time as he has hours of fun chewing and playing with these brightly colored plastic Jurassic Characters.

Foot Toy Measures 4″ L x 1 3/4″ W

Package of 13

7 reviews for Jurassic Characters Bird Foot Toy (Set of 13)

  1. Mollie (verified owner)

    My Grey loves them! He wasn’t much of a toy guy until I got a sample. Now he actually plays with something other than his preen toy. I find bits of plastic all over the cage and in food dishes.

  2. Jacque L. (verified owner)

    My cockatoo loves foot toys. She has all kinds of hanging toys in her cage but leaves them alone for the foot toys. These are two of her favorites.

  3. Jacque (verified owner)

    My cockatoo loves these. She prefers foot toys. I stick them in between the bars of her cage and she enjoys finding them and chewing away.

  4. Jacque (verified owner)

    My cockatoo loves these Jurassic foot toys, she carries these critters around and enjoys chewing them into bite size pieces.

  5. Pat G. (verified owner)

    These are one of Buzz’s favorites. He chews on them. I think because they are light weight he can carry them around.

  6. Helana (verified owner)

    Don’t know what to give your bird? Give them one of these. They’re a staple in our house for our two greys who love the change from wood to plastic!

  7. Helaine (verified owner)

    My bird loves to chew these toys. They are colorful and a bargin price.

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