Medium Vine Munch Balls for Cockatiel to Amazon Size Birds 2″ (6 Pack)

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Crunch and Munch Balls

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These great balls of vine will allow your feathered friend to have hours of playtime as he/she shreds these wonderful Natural Vine Munch Balls into little pieces.

You can use them as a foot toy or string them together to make your own special bird toy for your feathered friend.

Diameter of ball is 2″.

Set of 6 Medium Natural Vine Munch Balls

Medium Munch Balls are ideal for Cockatiels, Conures,Senegals Amazon and African Grey size birds.

8 reviews for Medium Vine Munch Balls for Cockatiel to Amazon Size Birds 2″ (6 Pack)

  1. Jonathan R. (verified owner)

    Our Timneh loves these. They attach easily to other things, and are a good way to get him interested in/over the fear of a new toy.

  2. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Nikki loves to hang out on the bottom of the cage and so these balls have been extra great for her as she now has something to play with other than the paper towel lining!

  3. Helana C. (verified owner)

    I buy these and the large vine balls for my two Greys. They have a toy bag on the playtop of their cages, and I like to have them ‘find’ something new in the bag after breakfast. These vine balls give them something to play with and to chew, and they love them.

  4. Cindy (verified owner)

    This is a great threader for my bird

  5. Carol P. (verified owner)

    Great toy part at a great price! My sun conure loves to munch on these. Can be used as a standalone toy or as part of a larger custom made toy!

  6. DONNA G. (verified owner)

    My Amazon LOVES them! He’s not too interested in most toys, but will always play with the vine balls. I put a cashew or a bird treat in them, then he works very hard to get to the prize. Lots of fun!

  7. BRB (verified owner)

    These are so fun to shred!

  8. Oscar (verified owner)

    I shred these at lightening speed. I enjoy every moment!!!

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