Small Vine Munch Balls for Parakeet and Cockatiel Size Birds 1″ (6 Pack)

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Crunch and Munch Balls

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These great balls of vine will allow your feathered friend to have hours of playtime as he/she shreds these wonderful Natural Vine Munch Balls into little pieces.

You can use them as a foot toy or string them together to make your own special bird toy for your feathered friend.

Diameter of ball is 1″.

Set of 6 Small Natural Vine Munch Balls

Small Munch balls are ideal for Parakeets, Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Conures and Senegals size birds.

3 reviews for Small Vine Munch Balls for Parakeet and Cockatiel Size Birds 1″ (6 Pack)

  1. Frankie (verified owner)

    Best. Balls. Ever. Love love love these! Light enough for me to pick up and fling, or carry around (I LOVE toys that I can carry in my beak) and when I feel the urge, I can chew them up. Mom loves to roll them on the floor and watch me chase after them.

  2. Jane (verified owner)

    Between the PF-Lovebird & the African Grey – these munch balls where literally gone in 60 seconds. They wasted no time in reducing them to shards! Apparently – they love these easy to hold & obviously easy to annihilate chew toys!

  3. e s. (verified owner)

    They looked at them for a few days, as they usually do anything new, and are now fighting over who gets to chew them. I’m just giving them one a day so they’ll last longer.

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