Prehistoric Parakeet Bird Toy

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Prehistoric Fun Bird Toy

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Jurassic park comes alive for your special little friend with this Neon Dino carrying two Balsa wood pieces on his sides and tagging along for the ride four fun bells for your Feathered Friend to ring

Toy measures 6.5″ long and 5″ wide.

Bird toy contains Neon Dino, Balsa Wood pieces, (4) 22mm Liberty Bells two translucent bead and 3 small jelly tube beads.

Ideal bird toy for Parakeets, Small Lovebirds, Small Parrotlets, Finches, Canaries and…all similar sized birds

2 reviews for Prehistoric Parakeet Bird Toy

  1. Helana (verified owner)

    Now that my Greys are into hanging toys, I decided to get something a little larger, and this fit the bill. They love it, especially that it provides a feast of different stuff to pull and chew!

  2. Amy O. (verified owner)

    I bought this as one of the first toys for my 3 month old White Bellied Caique. He absolutely loves it! As soon as he saw it he immediately went to it and started chewing on the dinosaur! It has a bunch of different textures and colors. Even after buying him many other toys it is still one of his favorites.

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