Quaker Parrots as Pets

Quaker PArrot

Our Quaker Parrot "Phantom"

Quaker parrots make excellent feathered friends.  They love bird toys…..so keep plenty of these around to keep them happily entertained. They have sweet, docile personalities and bond very closely to their owner or primary caregiver.

The Quaker Personality
Quakers are social birds who get along well with other parrots. They are confident in nature, yet extremely affectionate. They have great personalities and will never cease to entertain you. Just give your feathered friend some bird toys and watch him play!! You’ll be entertained for hours. They are bright green in color with gray facial markings. As these birds become more popular, other color variations are becoming available.

Caring for a Quaker
These parrots are among the easiest to care for. Just make sure you feed a wholesome diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes.  If you do that, you’re almost guaranteed to have a happy, loyal and fun-loving Quaker parrot who loves his life.

Our Quaker parrot “Phantom” passed away in October 2011 from Cancer.  He was the most fun loving bird…..he loved to “Dance” (He would move his little feet up and down when you made clicking sounds).  Phantom was also able to play ring toss…..he played it his way though……watch video below to see him having a ball playing with his Ring Toss.


Here is our tribute video for Phantom our beloved Feathered son.


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