Rasta the Green Cheek Conure on her FunTime Birdy Playgym

Rasta on PlaygymMeet “Rasta” the Green Cheek Conure…..

Here’s what Rasta’s Mom Giselle C. Had to say:

Hi Ann,

First, I have to say WOW to the care in packing and presentation of the playgym. It was so nice to see the love by just only opening the box. Then when I moved on to the putting together portion it was just as exciting. Rasta watched from the kitchen counter as I put it together. Then came presenting rasta to his new playgym. He was very curious and with just one grape he was right on investgating smile emoticon Thank you for the samples too. That was also a very nice surprise. This playgym is absolutely wonderful. From the communication with you, to the packaging, to the presentation, to the construction and quality of your workmanship.

Giselle and Rasta

Thanks Giselle for compliments and I am glad Rasta loves her new FunTime Birdy Playygm

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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