Routine Health Care for Your Parrot

Annual Vet Checks for your pet Parrot

Routine Annual Health Check-Ups are a great way to keep your feathered friend healthy and happy

Most parrot owners are aware of their bird’s basic needs. They realize that it is important to keep the bird cages clean, the bird toys sanitized and the bird perches in decent order.   One item I do on a regular basis for my entire flock is to get them annual routine Check-ups.

The Annual Check-up
Parrots are masters at concealing the slightest sign of illness. A parrot who is feeling under the weather may still push his bird toys around, hop onto his bird perch and walk around his parrot gym—although these activities are usually performed with less enthusiasm than normal. Pinpointing when your feathered friend is under the weather can be difficult.   As a result, many birds may be sick for weeks or months without their owners even realizing it. Some of these birds die suddenly, with no apparent warning. The best way to guard against this is to schedule an annual check-up for your parrot.  Also, it is very important to learn what is “normal behavior” for your feathered friend so you can easily spot a problem.

At the annual check-up your veterinarian will carefully examine your bird to make sure he is in good health. He may also perform a number of routine tests. This includes a fecal test to check for worms, parasites and infections; a throat swab to make sure there are no nutritional inadequacies or other signs of illness.

We take our birds at the same time of year for their annual vet check-ups.  This way it becomes routine and not forgotten.  Our vet even sends out reminders a good two months before their annual exam just to remind us.

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