Should You Feed Your Parrot Table Scraps?

Parrot EatingSharing food with your parrot can enhance the bonding process. Just like most parrots enjoy playing with bird toys—they also love to eat. Food is a wonderful way to gain your parrot’s trust and loyalty. However, you will want to consider what foods are appropriate for parrots and what is not. In general, parrots can eat almost anything people do, with some limitations.
If your parrot enjoys sharing dinner with you while on his bird stand or parrot playgym, keep the choices simple and healthy!! Most pastas, bread and cereals are safe for birds. Fresh or cooked fruits and veggies are also excellent choices –just avoid feeding your bird too many onions as this can cause anemia or digestive upsets.

Foods to Avoid

Chocolate is a definite no-no for pet birds. Even though your parrot may be staring at you with round, wishful eyes as you devour a piece of chocolate cake or fudge brownies—resist the temptation to share this delicacy with your bird. Chocolate can be extremely toxic causing illness and even death in most pets. Salt is another food that should be given in moderation. Too much salt can be hard on the kidneys. Avoid feeding your parrot highly processed or boxed foods, which tend to be higher in sodium. Frozen dinners and some canned soups are common culprits. You should also avoid feeding your bird food that has caffeine, as this can damage their heart. Instead of letting your parrot sip your soda or coffee, share a fruit smoothie or vegetable juice with him.


  1. Bea Cazeneuve on June 22, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    No, cereals meant for humans are NOT safe for parrots as most of them are loaded with iron. As to salt, unfortunately, there is no ‘moderation’ in human foods, we eat huge amounts of it which is bad for us but devastating to birds’ health so although it’s OK to share food with them, it should be cooked without salt.

    • funtimebirdy on June 22, 2013 at 3:30 pm


      You are right when it comes to salt in human foods. I find the best things to share with my flock is a plate of fresh cooked vegetables with no salt and no butter and of course fresh fruits.


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