Some Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cage for your Parrot

Bird CageOne of the first things which come to your mind before bringing your bird home is buying a good cage or home.  A cage is the place where your feathered friend will spend most of his/her time when you are not home.  As a bird owner you would want your bird to be comfortable with his/her surroundings and place where he/she lives. Thus it is essential to choose a  bird cage which suits your bird’s needs and comfort. Here are some important points which must be kept in mind while buying a cage for your feathered companion:

•    Size of the cage
Like us, birds also want to live in spacious places where they can easily flutter their wings, move freely, play and do acrobatics. It is therefore important for you to give your bird enough space where he/she can enjoy some amount of freedom. Though it cannot be matched with what they experience in their natural environment, however, you can still do your best by selecting an appropriate cage for your feathered companion. When you go for shopping, choose a cage which does not hinder the activities of your bird. Participation in physical activities keeps your bird healthy and happy.  It is advisable to buy the largest possible bird-cage which you can afford according to your home space and is within your budget.

•    Style of the cage
Cages are manufactured keeping in mind their functionality, safety and attractiveness.  Now-a-days you can get different varieties in the style of cages for your feathered friend.  However, still there are some important things which must be kept in mind while selecting the cage style.
-Round cages are attractive but these types of cages minimize the space for your feathered companion. You should choose a cage which gives enough vertical and horizontal space for your bird. Small birds like budgies and finches require big horizontal space which can give them freedom to fly as well. For large birds like macaws, you may require a vertical cage which is large enough for your bird to climb and flutter their wings. You can also find dome top and play top cages in the market. Dome top bird cages are designed to provide large space for your bird where it can play and climb. Play top bird cages have a built in  play space on the top. These cages are designed to give a hangout space for your bird. You can also buy a dome top cage and an additional parrot playgym for your bird which is portable and is enjoyable for your bird.

•    Construction of the cage
A good bird cage should be sturdy and durable. This will help your bird to attain a safe environment. Cages are made using various materials however metal cages are considered the sturdiest. Normally you can find two kinds of metal cages in market-powdered coated and stainless steel cages. Powdered coated cages are economical as compared to stainless steel ones. You can find attractive colors in this type. Stainless steel cages are expensive but rust-free and easy to clean. These are durable and usually are a possible one-time investment. Then there are acrylic cages which are not durable as compared to metal ones. These types of cages don’t give enough opportunities to birds for climbing.  Wooden cages are suitable only for small and non-destructive species of birds. Moreover, cleaning of wooden cages is also a hassle.

•    Spacing between bars and orientation
This is one of the safety considerations which should be kept in mind while buying a cage for your bird. Spacing between the cage bars should not be too wide as to allow your feathered friend to be able to poke his/her heard through the bars.  This is dangerous as your feathered friend can get hurt by wedging their head between bars. In addition to this, ensure that the diameter of the bars does not give opportunity for your bird to bend or break it.

•    Easy Maintenance
Last but not least, choose a cage which can be cleaned easily. Stainless steel cages are easy to maintain and durable. Select a cage which allows you to easily take out your bird and helps to remove trash easily. You must also check if feeding containers are accessible from outside of the bird cage. Ensure that the trays can be removed easily from the cage and that poop trays are far enough from the grate of the cage. Sometimes birds try to grab contaminated food particles from poop trays with their feet which can make them sick.

Note:  Here is a check-list for buying a new cage for your feathered companion:
•    Ensure the seams of cage are properly fitted.
•    Check all the connections, sides of the cage and doors.
•    Is there any loose or un-welded part in the cage?
•    Are all the joints rust-free and smooth?
•    If you are buying a powder coated cage, check if it shows any flaking of the coat.
•    Are all the bars properly welded?
•    Does it have adequate locks or latches?
•    Are the perches securely fitted?
•    Check if the door can prevent your bird from escaping

Hope this check-list helps you to buy the best possible cage for your feathery friend.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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