The Gorgeous Macaw

Macaws as Pets

The Gorgeous Macaw

Are you considering getting a Macaw parrot as a pet? If so, here is a brief overview of this bird’s amazing and complex nature.
Macaw parrots tend to be:

1.    Stunning. These birds are absolutely gorgeous. Their vibrant colors and flamboyant personalities can literally take your breath away. If you step back to look at a Macaw as he is sitting on his bird stand or bird perch, you will be impressed by his luscious plumage and striking markings. There is no question that these birds are extremely beautiful.  We have a Severe Macaw named Buddy and his markings on his face are so unbelievable.  I am in awe every time I am admiring these stunning markings.  I know they are feathers on his face skin but I swear that it looks like someone embroidered them on.

2.    Stubborn. Despite their natural beauty, Macaws can be extremely aggressive. They may refuse to come down from their parrot play gyms or bird perch and bite anyone who tries to force them to do so. This is true of most any parrot.  If you plan on getting a Macaw, or any other species of parrot be prepared to carefully and gently teach your bird to behave using the “UP” and “DOWN” commands.

3.    Sweet. Yes, Macaws do have a sweet side to them. They are extremely playful and enjoy a variety of different parrot toys. In order to keep your bird entertained, parrot play gyms and plenty of large bird toys are a necessity. If treated right, these birds are extremely loyal to their owners. Be sure to give your Macaw plenty of time and attention in order to keep him happy. Sometimes all your feathered friend wants is to be close to you. Try to spend at least 20-30 minutes a day playing with your feathered friend. Teach him new tricks and games on a regular basis.

4.    Strong. Macaws have powerful beaks and will undoubtedly shred their large parrot toys within a matter of days. This is normal for a large Macaw.  As a result, you should furnish your new feathered friend with lots of large bird toys suitable  for a Macaw of his or her size.

All in all a Macaw can be a wonderful feathered companion that can live a lifetime with you if steps are taken at the very beginning to form a lasting bond.


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