The Importance of Play for your Pet Parrot

Phantom ring toss playingWith all the many things you might have read or heard about parrots, there is one thing that is common above them all; and that is they are fun and loving.

Perhaps one of the best ways to develop these traits for your parrot is by playing interactively with them each day. By playing with your parrot, you can expect a happier and well adjusted companion.

Playing a game repetitively with your feathered friend can be most rewarding. This is where you can help your parrot develop various skill sets for various games. Using educational and trick training bird toys is a great way to get your feathered friend in tune with playing games.

Parrots are extremely smart and all parrot owners know there are a lot of things going on inside your feathered friend’s mind. And as a responsible bird owner, you should plan on activities that will provide that smart mind something to do.

It is never enough to keep your feathered friend inside the cage because they also need activities that will help them stay happily occupied.

Dedicate your time each day to have your parrot play. Start by making time in a designated play area for your parrot and purchasing items and bird toys that will encourage your parrot to play.

Here are some adorable things you should try to play with your parrot:

1.    Toss, Fetch and Catch: simply use lightweight objects like a small bird toy or a vine ball etc….. You can start by tossing it to your parrot and teaching them to fetch and catch. You can do this alternately of course.  Ring toss is a great bird trick toy also that can help your bird to play toss, fetch and catch.
2.    Singing games: use nursery rhymes and teach your feathered friend the lines of songs at the same time.  This is also a great way to get your bird to start talking.
3.    Foot play: teach your feathered friend different tricks it can do with his/her foot like shaking hands, and waving.

As a parrot owner, laughter is definitely the most essential ingredient with playing games with your parrot. This playtime with your parrot is a great way to bond but also a great way to relieve stress for both you and your feathered friend.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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