Training your Parrot at an Early Age

Training your Parrot at an Early Age

Marshmellow…..Our Umbrella Cockatoo

I remember when we bought our first parrot an Umbrella Cockatoo named “Marshmellow” 18 years ago.  She was only 3 months old when we first brought her home.  She was such a smush… most Umbrella Cockatoos are.

As I look back, we formed such a close bond which we still have today.  I am still able to file her nails with an emery board and trim her wings.

I also remember when we brought our baby Double Yellow Headed Amazon named “Kiwi” home for the first time.  I worked hard with him teaching him with the “Up” and “Down” commands and teaching him about the word  “No”.  Kiwi is now 11 years old and he to this day remembers these commands without question.  We have the most loving relationship and he is definitely a “momma’s boy” (LOL)

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