What to Look For when Purchasing a Bird Cage for your Parrot

What to Look For when Purchasing a Bird Cage for your Parrot

The first thing to remember when purchasing a bird cage for your bird is that your birds’ cage is his/her domain or home. This is the place where they will spend a good portion of their days and nights when they are not out on their playgym or bird stand.

Make sure the cage is wide enough so that your feathered friend can stretch his/her wings without hitting the cage bars. Also, you want the cage large enough so that when you put his bird toys in his cage that he is not cramped and saddled by all the toys. You may ask…..How many bird toys should my bird have in his cage? I already wrote an article on this see below for link.

How Many Bird Toys Should My Parrot Have in His Bird Cage?

Another important item to remember when purchasing a bird cage is bar spacing. Bird cages need to have the right bar spacing between the bars. Adequate bar spacing will help prevent your feathered friend from escaping or getting stuck between the bars.

Also, some bird cages come in different designs. Some cages actually have specific play areas on top of the cages for your your feathered friend to play on. These are known as “Play Top” bird cages. Some cages will not have this “Play Top” area but provide more inside room they are know as a “Dome top” cages. These cages have a higher inside top area for your bird to climb inside his/her cage and play. The design is really up to you as to which preference you would prefer for your feathered friend.

Not all cages are made alike. Some cages are cheaply made and after a while will start to rust. That is why at FunTime Birdy we only sell cages we believe in. We are a distributor for A&E cages.

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