Why Chewing is Important to Parrots

Ufo with Kiwi 2 x 500Chewing is a very important part of a parrots natural and inquisitive ability which helps them learn about things in their environment.

Parrots love to chew and feel with their beak because it helps them answer questions and learn about things like….what is inside here?…..Is this food or something I can eat? or…..I wonder if this material will be good to use to make a nest?

Your feathered friend’s chewing habits are a natural and instinctual behavior and chewing is a great way to keep their beak fit and trim.  A bird’s beak much like human fingernails can grow up to 3 inches per year.

One great way to keep your companion bird’s beak in tip top shape is to have lots of fun bird toys of different varieties to chew on in their bird cage.  Bird toys with lots of wood, soft plastic, hard plastic, shreddable materials  and supreme cotton rope will keep your feathered friends beak active and healthy.

A bird’s beak is so important to them because they must rely on their beak for so many critical functions like eating, gripping, climbing, preening, nest building and feeding their young which is why it is so critical to keep as many diverse chewable bird toys inside their home.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy


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