Your Parrot Loves Music

Who doesn’t love music! Music has the ability to calm your mind and body after a long day at work.   Good music is one which is pleasurable to your heart and your ears . Music can be soothing and relaxing or energizing depending on what we listen to. As human beings, we are designed to appreciate the musical arts. Music is a universal language which connects people from all regions and cultures.
Have you ever thought that your feathered companion may have some interest in music? Yes, according to some of the recent studies, it has been found that some species of birds can appreciate musical notes.
Scientists have started looking into the ability of birds to listen and perceive music. Here are some interesting facts which are worth reading:

•    Recently a group of scientists came up with a study that birds do appreciate music. This study was conducted by scientists from Emory University during which they monitored the behavior of white-throat sparrows in presence of music. It was found that the birds produced similar behavioral activities as human beings when hearing music which was pleasurable. This means that you share a lot of admiration for music with your feathered friend!

•    Whales and some bird species have the ability to compose songs with rhythms. It is a known fact that music has the ability to relieve stress in animals. This is why music is used to calm dogs when left alone at home or in kennels. It is observed that harp music improves heart rate, respiration and anxiety in sick dogs.

•    According to a recent study conducted by Aniruddh Patel from Neurosciences Institute of California, animals also have the understanding of perception and synchronization of music. This study was done on Snowball the Cockatoo dancing to the tune of Backstreet Boys. It was analyzed that Snowball had the ability to synchronize his body according to the rhythms of music. This study confirmed that Snowball could dance!

So how can you relate these stories with your own feathered friend? How can you know if he/she appreciates a certain kind of music which can enrich his/her life? You can start with these tips:

•    The first step to begin with is observation. Observe the general behavior of your bird. You can monitor your birds body language while playing various kinds of music. Observe which music calms him/her down or which music excites him/her.
•    You can play different kinds of music during your routine activity. It can develop your birds sensory stimulation towards music.
•    Share the gift of music and dance with your bird. Your bird can easily pick up music as an activity to relax him/her mentally and physically. Play music and dance around your bird. It can stimulate his sense for appreciating music.

Music and dance can add happiness to our daily lives. In the same way, it can enrich the life of your pets including birds.  So pick up your favorite music and get going!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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