Healthy Snacks for your Parrot

As any bird lover, you would love to share food with your feathery friend. We all do that as it is an amazing way to bond with him/her. But have you ever thought that the food which you eat might not be healthy for your bird!  Sometimes unknowingly we feed our birds with unhealthy snacks merely out of love. These snacks can also produce side-effects which may be fatal for your bird.

You must never share foods which contain a high amount of salt like crackers, cereals and many types of breads. However, if the bread you are eating contains full grain, you can give it to your bird. You must never feed chocolate to your bird as it can cause diarrhea and vomiting which can later progress to fatal side-effects. The thumb-rule says that snack which is healthy for you will be healthy for your bird too.

Here is a list of healthy snacks which your bird would love to eat:
•    Carrots
•    Green leafy vegetables
•    Peppers
•    Bananas
•    Whole wheat bread with little jam
•    Granola bar (A piece)
•    Small amount of warm human baby food
•    Rice cakes
•    Nuts (unsalted)

Unlike many years ago, a wide variety of snacking options are readily available.  They have been specially made considering the health and taste buds of your bird. Some of the ready-made snacks for birds are listed below:

•    Lafeber Avi Cakes and Nutriberries
•    Breads for parrots
•    Dried fruits without added sugar
•    Mixed dried vegetables
•    Berries with nutritional contents
•    Mixed treats

Note: Fresh fruits and vegetables make great snacks for birds. Especially dark green vegetables and colored fruits provide sumptuous amount of nutrition. Try various fruits and vegetables to see what your feathery friend likes the most. It is possible that your bird might be picky about food. In that case you can chop, crush, grate and try various other ways to feed your bird with healthy food. Don’t give up too early on giving him/her nutritious foods. It might take some time for your feathery friend to get curious and try that food.

Fresh foods should be made available to your bird for only few hours as they go bad and attract bacteria after some time. And not to be missed……always wash vegetables and fruits before giving them to your bird.

Consider these points and try the above listed healthy snacks for your feathered companion. Happy snacking!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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