How to Get your Bird to Eat Vegetables Part 3 (Final in the Series)

OatmealOne of the last ideas I have for hiding veggies in foods is mixing them in Farina or Oatmeal.  My birds seem to love Farina (Cream of Wheat) and Oatmeal so again I grind the veggies (either frozen(cooked) or fresh) up in a blender and mix them into the Farina or Oatmeal.  My flock seems to dig right in without realizing that there is healthy veggies inside.  Again, in order to do this you must first be sure your bird likes Farina and Oatmeal plain without any veggies.  This way they will dig in and not care about the veggies inside.  Remember to go sparingly at first with the veggies so that they don’t immediately notice them.

Most importantly, of all the ideas I have given regarding helping your bird to eat vegetables is that he or she needs to see you eat these foods.  For our domesticated birds we are there flock leader and when they see us engage in an activity or eat something they know it must be the right thing to do.  They do not want to be left out of the flock.  This is why our Cockatoo Marshmellow never ate her veggies because we didn’t eat them.  This was a big mistake on our part and is the main reason I have learned all these tricks for getting my birds to eat their veggies.

Make sure that when you eat healthy fruits and veggies in front of your bird you make a lot of yummy sounds.  This is important because if you are enjoying your fruits and veggies your feathered friend is going to want to eat them too.

I really hope my series of tips have helped.  It is so important to have our birds eating a healthy well balanced diet.

If anyone has any other tips please feel free to comment.  I would welcome any other suggestions.

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