Remembering Alex

Alex the African Grey Parrot

Alex the African Grey Parrot

It’s hard to believe that Alex the African Grey Parrot has been gone from our lives for over 2 years now.  I remember when I first heard of Alex’s passing.  I could not believe it was true.  This African Grey Parrot helped change so many views on Parrots.  Irene Pepperberg’s work with Alex helped non-bird people learn what we as bird lovers already knew, “that birds are very intelligent and have the brain capacity of a three year old child.”  He turned non believers into believers.

Alex will always have a special place in my heart.  My African Grey Jerry is also very smart but no one can hold a candle to Alex except of course his brother Griffin.  Griffin is now carrying the teaching torch for Alex.  In honor of Alex, I thought I would include a video clip of  just how smart he really was.   This is a PBS special on Alex narrated by Alan Alda.

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