Pelleted or Seed Diet for my Parrot

Marshie 1001You may ask………..Pellets or Seed Diet for my parrot.  That is the question.

When we first brought home our Umbrella Cockatoo Marshmellow as a baby 26 years ago, seeds were the staple of any bird’s diet.  Within a couple of years companies came out with pelleted diets for companion parrots.

As we found out a complete seed diet was not good for a bird but a more rounded diet was more beneficial for parrots.  Birds in captivity will never get the variety of foods that are available to them in the wild thus a pelleted diet provides a more balance of nutrition than a total seed diet.  In short, seeds are like “Junk Food” to your bird.  Like us humans, eating junk food only can lead to many health problems and a shortened life span for your feathered buddy.

With all the great nutrients that a pelleted diet provides to your feathered friend that is not enough for a healthy diet for your parrot.  A companion bird diet should consist of a pelleted diet and supplemented with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Seeds should only make up 5%-10% of any parrots diet.

A typical breakfast for our Cockatoo Marshmellow is some warm peas, lima beans and just a hint of safflower seeds on top of the peas and lima beans.  This is in addition to her normal daily pellets.  I did not completely eliminate seeds from Marshmellow’s diet but rather use them as an aid in helping her eat fruits and vegetables that she is not accustomed to eating.

I wrote a Blog a while back entitled Healthy Parrot and Diets (listed below).  This blog listed all the foods great for your feathered friend as recommended by our Vet Dr Wolf here in New Jersey.

Healthy Parrot Foods and Diets

We have 5 birds ranging from Parakeet to Cockatoo.  We stay on the above diet for all our 5 birds.  Even our small Parakeet Charlie loves his vegetables, fruits and pellets on a daily basis…..even though he was fed seeds as a baby parakeet….Charlie just loves his veggies now and really does not like seeds anymore.

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