Why Birds need to Chew

You may have noticed a lot of entertaining things about your feathered friend; but if there is one thing that does not stop; and if there is one thing that could be troublesome at some point, that would be chewing!

Your feathered friend absolutely loves to chew; and it is absolutely a natural behavior. You can maybe have it controlled or redirected but for sure you can never have it stopped. Though it may be troublesome to the point that you need to re-arrange some stuff at home in order to hide your feathered friend’s chewing traces; knowing that chewing is important to your bird will change your perspective.

Birds need to chew not only because it is fun on their part but also because it helps them explore the many things that surrounds them. Remember that like a little child, your feathered friend can be inquisitive most of the time that chewing can be mentally stimulating and will sure help answer its curiosity.

Moreover, chewing helps the ideal beak maintenance along with growth. Remember that birds have specialized beaks that help them break large nuts and take their food in and take bites for beak maintenance; that is the reason why chewing is essential.

On the other hand, they can also chew on your personal belongings and valuables when left unsupervised, reason why chewing can be both constructive and destructive.

You can help your feathered friend from developing destructive chewing habits with proper supervision. Do not wait for the time when your bird decides to chew on electrical wires and toxic household items. What you can do is to help your feathered friend channel its drive to chew on more appropriate objects.

Provide your feathered friend with fun and playful objects perfect for chewing. If you do not have the time to supervise them when outside the cage, control destructive chewing habits by keeping it in the cage and trying the following objects:

You can try and rotate these toys once or twice a week to deliver brand new amusement to your feathered friend.

This way, you can help your feathered fried’s mental and physical development while having personal relief too.

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