Preventing Obesity in Parrots

Preventing Obesity in Parrots

The majority of pet parrots are well-taken care of and are provided with an abundance of delicious food. They have little need to exercise and often spend their days standing leisurely on their bird stand or in their bird cage. Unfortunately, this lifestyle can lead to obesity. Many veterinarians cite obesity as the number one health concern among our feathered friends.

Causes of Obesity

Most birds become obese for two simple reasons: too much high-fat food and too little exercise. Genetics can also play a factor. Certain species such as Amazons, Cockatoos, Quaker parrots and Parakeets are more prone to obesity than other breeds.

Obesity in parrots is a serious health concern which can cause fatty liver disease and fatty tumors. Obesity can damage the liver so severely that it no longer functions, causing death.

Preventing Obesity

Since obesity is a serious health concern, how can you prevent your bird from gaining those unwanted pounds? If your bird is already overweight, what can you do to help him get back in shape? The good news is that helping your parrot get healthy is an easy process. It will require work and dedication… but here are some tips:

1. Eliminate simple carbs from your bird’s diet. Things like white bread and white rice contain an abundance of empty calories. This means your bird has to eat more to feel full. Instead, replace these empty carbs with whole grains such as wheat bread or wheat pasta.

2. Provide your pet with plenty of fiber. Fruits and veggies are packed with fiber which will help keep your bird’s intestinal track healthy and his stomach feeling full. They also make excellent treats.

3. Limit nuts. Nuts are high in fat and can cause your parrot to gain excess weight. As a result, use them sparingly.

4. Encourage your parrot to exercise. A great exercise to do with your feathered friends is to have your birds flap their wings while they are holding on to your hand. Not only is this a great exercise for your feathered friend it is a great time to bond with your bird.

Our Double Yellow Head Amazon Kiwi is a big eater and he was born with a broken wing so he cannot flap his wings to get proper exercise. I developed an exercise plan for him see video below……”He Moves like Jagger” (LOL)

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