Safe Parrot Toy Material for your Bird

Safe Parrot Toy Material for your Bird

Whether you are new bird owner or an experienced bird owner, it is extremely important to buy parrot toys that are safe for your feathered friend(s). Many bird toys and bird toy parts can be very dangerous to your bird without you even knowing it.

Here’s What to Look For:

Metal Chain

Make sure that the metal chain that is being used on a parrot toy is made of either nickel plated steel or is stainless steel. Metal chain containing Zinc can be lethal to a bird and can make them very sick.

Cotton Rope

Not all Cotton rope is the same. Some Cotton rope found on bird toys can be very dangerous to your feathered friend. Safe Cotton rope is made out of 100% edible fibers, it has unpolished threads, unbleached, safely pulls apart easily and will not strangle toes. This Cotton Rope is known as “Supreme Cotton Rope“. It is safe for your bird and will pull apart once your bird starts to chew it and preen it. Some Cotton Rope on the market will actually bunch up and become almost a danger zone for your bird’s toes.

Colored Wood Pieces

All wood contained on a parrot toy has to be either dyed with food coloring or dyed with child safe, non toxic paints.


Most parrot toys are made with leather that is known as “Vegetable Tanned Leather”. Vegetable Tanned Leather has little or no smell to it. It smells like fresh cowhide.

It is also important to do a weekly check in your bird’s cage to see if any bird toys are in need of repair. Birds love to chew wood and sometimes the wood they chew can be chewed into dagger like parts. Remove these type of wood parts from your bird’s cage immediately.

If you would like to try your hand at making some bird toys for your feathered friend we have a selection of bird toy parts that will help you make that one of a kind bird toy for your feathered friend.

At FunTime Birdy, we have spent 20 years developing parrot play gyms and bird toys that will bring joy to your feathered friend(s). We only use the safest materials like zinc free metal chain, vegetable tanned leather, Supreme Cotton Rope and all our wood pieces are dyed with food coloring. If it is not safe for our birds, we will not sell it to your birds.

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