Spring Cleaning your Bird Cage

Spring Cleaning your Bird Cage

Spring is a time of renewal…..time to open windows, clean and freshen up our homes from the long winter months.

Spring is also the time to clean and freshen up your feathered friends home as well. I like to take all my bird cages out and really clean them. I like to scrub them down and hose them off at least twice a year, Spring and Fall. I normally wipe down all my bird cages on a daily basis but Spring and Fall is when I really scrub them down.

Whether you are cleaning your bird cages for the “Spring” clean or on a daily or weekly basis, I found out that using Poop Swipes by Mango or Poop Off Bird Cage cleaner really help in the cleaning process. They both help in getting the job done and making it easier to do. Also, using a Cage Saver Scrub helps to get the stubborn “Poop” off quickly and easy.

Spring is also a great time to check all your bird toys, even the ones that you have in the rotation box. I like to check to see if the bird toys in the rotation box look old or dusty or just not fresh. I normally rotate the bird toys in my feathered kids cages but I really like to give them a thorough look over in the Spring and Fall.

It is also important to remember that Spring is a time to open windows and doors and to let the beautiful air in. However, it is very important to remember not to let your feathered friend get a draft from the open windows especially when bathing them.

Also, always be vigilant with open doors and screen windows to make sure that your bird is safe and cannot fly out an open door or window that does not have a screen.

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Ann – FunTime Birdy

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