The Scoop on Bird Poop

One of the best ways to observe your bird’s health is by observing their “Poop”.   My husband and I clean our bird cages for our 5 birds each night so this is a great time to check their droppings from the day.

A daily inspection of their droppings can tell you if your bird is stressed or becoming ill, thus alerting you in a timely fashion to any type of care they may need.

The first thing to do is to inspect your bird’s poop over several days to help you define what is normal for your birds droppings.  If your bird’s poop changes over a couple of days try to correlate them with recent meals, activities, events, stress which would cause a temporary change.  Things to watch for are…changes in color, volume, consistency and number of droppings.

What are Normal Droppings?

1.  Normal droppings should be odorless

2.  Droppings have 3 components:  Which exit the body at the same time

a)   Feces – Should be firm and dark brown or green in color depending on the species and diet.  If your bird eats mainly seed…feces will be green……if your bird eats mainly pelleted food it will take on the color of the pellets.

b)  Urine – Should be clear

c)  Urates – Should be creamy-white, opaque and almost chalky in appearance.

If any changes occur in droppings from your bird, be on the look out for other tell tale signs that your bird is not feeling well.

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy




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