Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Parrots and Grooming

Tips on Grooming your Parrot

Grooming your pet parrot can be a very daunting task.  For instance, our Cockatoo Marshmellow does not mind having her wings and nails trimmed by me.  She is a real “Girly Girl”

Our African Grey Jerry on the other hand, “flies the coop” when he knows he may get his wings trimmed and forget it if he even thinks I will touch one of his nails with a file.  Every bird has a different personality  and each one acts very differently from one another when it comes to having their wings and nails trimmed.  Do not take it personally if your bird chooses not to have his/her nails or wings trimmed by you.  Seek out your local bird store or local vet to have them done regularly if your feathered friend “flies the coop” when it comes to grooming.

Below is a link to an article by Daryl Conner which dives into more specifics on “Grooming Tips for your Bird”

Grooming Birds in Pet Age Magazine Nov 2010

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