What you should know about an African Grey Parrot?

jerryThe African grey parrot is known as the ‘Einstein’ of all parrots. These gorgeous birds come from African rainforests. They are quite playful, having the intelligence level of up to a 5 year old and temperament of a 2 year old. Even though these feathery friends are becoming rare in their native regions, they are very popular as pets. If you are thinking of  having these feathery friends as pets, it is essential that you know some important facts about them. You must do some research and gain a proper understanding about these birds as they are not an average bird species. To begin with, here are four things you must know about African grey parrots:

1.    Two types of African grey parrots: There are two types of African grey parrots- Congo African grey parrot and Timneh African grey parrot. These species originated from lowlands of central and western African regions – Angola to Guinea. These two species are actually present in different parts of Africa.

2.    Not all African grey parrots can talk: Africans grey parrots have the ability to talk. They can learn words and phrases. However, this should not be a criterion of buying this bird. Many people buy African grey parrots with the expectation that they will talk but they get really disappointed when their bird is not able to do so. You must not build a relationship with your pet based on such expectations. Even if they cannot speak human language, they can communicate in various ways. They add enormous fun to your life which is much more than just talking in your language. As such we all understand, there is no better way to communicate in human languages than doing it with humans themselves.

3.    African grey parrots need mental stimulation: It has been documented that African grey parrots are one of the smartest bird species. This implies that they need mental exercises so that they don’t get bored. Boredom creates behavioral problems. Some experts are of the view that these parrot species do well in quiet and serene atmosphere. So, think on this issue before you bring this smart companion home!

Mr NibblesOne great way to keep your African Grey parrot mental stimulated is with a variety of bird toys.  Our African Grey Jerry loves to chew wood and loves to make paper spit balls out of his paper tape rolls.  Two of Jerry’s favorite bird toys are the FunTime Birdy Mr. Nibbles and the FunTime Birdy Block and Roll.Block and Roll

4.    Maintain a healthy diet regime in order to avoid health problems: African grey parrots should be fed properly as they are prone to several health problems. They should be supplied with adequate amount of vitamin A, D and calcium rich diet. They also have a tendency to develop a heart ailment called atherosclerosis which is due to plaque build-up in their blood vessels. So, you must give them a diet which is healthy for their heart. Make sure you check their weight regularly and give them proper exercise to keep them fit.

If you love your feathery friend, you have to understand him/her fully. Understanding about his/her basic needs, his/her behavioral issues and likes and dislikes. There is no thumb-rule for anything. But a little understanding about your feathered friend will help you to embark on the beautiful journey with him/her. Are you ready?

Ann – FunTime Birdy

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