10 Tips for Bathing your Parrot

MarshieA vocal bird is a source of perennial happiness. These feathered creatures ensure that there’s never a dull moment in the house with their constant activity. Some of their routines get them dirty and they present the need to be cleaned. Birds require bathing to remove dander and dirt from their feathers. Very often new bird owners come up with questions regarding bathing their pet birds. Some of the common questions they ask is –how often should they bathe their birds and how?

If you are facing similar issues related to the hygiene of your feathered companion, have a look at these tips:

1.    Your bird may like to bath in several ways. He/she may like to splash around in water. Try a birdbath or a pan of water which can fit the size of your feathery friend. The water level should not be more than the height of your bird’s legs. Some birds also like to bathe in slow running water. You can try a mister which allows water to fall as tiny rain drops. You can also get shower perches for your bird as he/she may like to bathe in the shower. These perches have non-slippery base for ease in grip. If you are using shower a perch, you must not keep the perch directly under the shower. Try some of these other ways to bathe your bird. He/she might like one of these ways better.

2.    You can also try rolling in leaves method to clean your birdie. It can be done for small birds. It is often seen that small birds like to roll in wet leaves when in the wild which cleans their feathers and provides nutrition at the same time. Place wet lettuce leaves or any large leafy vegetable at the bottom of your feathered companion’s cage.

3.    If possible, bathe your bird daily. If you are rushed for time, try bathing him/her three times a week. Bathing is good for his/her feathers and skin.

4.    You should bath your feathery friend more frequently in dry weather.

5.    Always use lukewarm or slightly cold water to bath your bird to prevent burning or shocking your bird’s body.

6.    You should never soak your bird’s feathers completely in water as he/she can lose his body heat.

7.    Bathing is more fruitful when it is enjoyed by your bird. Make this routine a joyful activity for your bird. Use bird baths and mister systems which can turn bathing into a wonderful activity for your bird.

8.    Some birds love getting blow dried but is not necessary and is not recommended. If your bird loves to get dried by a blow dryer, make sure that the temperature is set low and is not hot.

9.    If you see your bird’s feathers are greasy, consult an avian vet. He can guide you about products which can help restore your bird’s feathers.

10.    If you are using a bird bath in the cage, check and change bedding if it is wet. It will prevent the chances of any mold-growth in the cage.

Remember birds are susceptible to drafts so always make sure that when you are bathing your bird they are in a warm location away from any drafts.

As a bird owner, you are responsible for your bird’s health. Cleaning is an important element in keeping your bird’s feathers and skin healthy. These simple bathing tips can help to keep your bird clean and healthy. Happy bathing!

Ann Zych – FunTime Birdy

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